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Nico Rosberg, 29, is a racing driver for the Mercedes Formula One team. Last summer he married his girlfriend of 11 years, Vivian Sibold, an interior designer who also owns an ice-cream parlour called Vivi’s Creamery in Ibiza. The couple divide their time between houses there and in Monaco.

The son of the Finnish 1982 Formula One champion, Keke Rosberg, and his German wife, Sina, Nico spent much of his youth in Monaco, and has raced under both Finnish and German flags. He began karting in 1996 at the age of 10 (he was a teammate of Lewis Hamilton in 2000), moving through the ranks to eventually join the Williams Formula One team for the 2006 season. The year before he had declined a place at Imperial College London to study aeronautical engineering. Rosberg spent four seasons with Williams before joining the newly rebranded Mercedes team. In 2014 he finished runner-up in the Drivers’ Championship to his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Personal style I’m into everything. I like to wear a nice bespoke suit and feel elegant, but I also like to feel casual. I’m casual-sporty. Or sporty-elegant.

Fashion soft spot I love Italian tailoring. The first time you’re able to invest in a tailor-made suit is a great moment for a man. I have this incredible old Italian tailor – a real ancient grandad with a family tradition for suit-making – in Bologna. I get them all done there.

Favourite designer Hugo Boss.

Favourite piece of clothing At home, some old jogging pants, which my wife bans me from wearing out of the house.

Watch It’s very competitive in the paddock when it comes to watches. I’d rather not state my favourites as I want to have a few surprises for next season.

Jewellery I’m working closely with Thomas Sabo on the Rebel at Heart collection of men’s jewellery; I designed some bespoke bracelets with Sabo for the groomsmen at my wedding. Last year I loved their karma beads that could mix and match. They gave me very good karma, but I was clearly missing that tiny extra bit. I need to exchange just one of the beads for next season.

Jeans I wear only Acne jeans. And they have to be slim-fit. I used to wear these massive, huge baggy jeans as a teenager and I must never go back to that place.

If you could go to only one shop Selfridges in London. It’s the best city in the world to buy clothes.

Exercise regime I train for fun outside the season. I go running, swimming and cycling for enjoyment.

Favourite other sports I love football. I support Bayern Munich and would have loved to be a soccer player, particularly a striker as they’re the coolest. But I’m not very quick. I’m more of a distance runner. The skills you need to drive a race car are pretty similar for all sports. So generally I’ll be pretty good at anything.

Grooming It’s very simple. I do the hair, which is the main thing, and I shave only once in a while as it’s good to have a bit of a beard. Hat hair is a big problem of being a Formula One driver. I used to have much longer hair, but I had to get rid of it because of the helmets.

Teammates Lewis has a huge fetish about his hair. He goes crazy about his hair. It takes him about half an hour. It’s fun to observe his personal style.

Smallest luxury Waking up without an alarm clock.

Biggest luxury My Mercedes 280SL Pagoda 1970. It’s exactly how it was on the day it was sold in 1970. I didn’t tell my wife that I was buying it. Am I a good driver off the track? Yeah, I’m very good because I see things so much more quickly than everyone else. I can see an accident develop before it happens. A bit like a superhero.

The perfect day My wife and I would be alone in our place in Monaco. She would make me some healthy pancakes before we go off on our bikes for an hour and have lunch on the beach. We’d take an afternoon nap and, as the sun sets, we’d take the car through the mountains. And then in the evening I’d mess around looking at old cars in magazines and have dinner cooked by my wife at home using the fresh vegetables from our biogarden. And then we’d fall asleep watching an educational documentary. I need to do this day really soon.

Nico Rosberg is Thomas Sabo’s brand ambassador for its spring/summer 2015 campaign



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